10 good reasons for having a web site

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1. To communicate your ideas

Find customers
Find investors
Exchange information

2. To streamline your business

Use graphic illustrations to prevent misunderstandings and to aid their choices
Receive enquiries by email directly to the department responsible
Receive and acknowledge orders even when closed
Customers make informed enquiries, saving time and mistakes
Have remote staff write in orders on line with no need to have another at base do it for them
Have remote staff update data on line
Save embarrassing waste of time calls

3. To sell on line

Establish a world wide customer base
Receive orders when out of working hours
Assured of payment

4. To educate

Empower customers with the knowledge to make informed enquiries
Offer guidelines on the pitfalls of your industry or profession
Show customers how to measure bespoke items for themselves

5. To inform a targeted audience

Use password protected areas to keep remote staff updated
“Members only” areas to provide published and downloadable documents
Search facilities for technical staff wherever they are
Job vacancies

6. To inform the world at large

News pages for press releases
“How to order” pages
Who to speak to
When you are open
Where you are
How to get there
Dispel myths (“I thought I would not be able to afford that”)

7. To conduct market research

Message board to find out what the world is thinking
Feed back form for ideas and suggestions
Find out where your “hits” are coming from
Find out the search phrases most used to find you
Find which areas of your site (and therefore your business) interest most visitors
Find which areas of your site turn people off

8. To improve your profile

Set out your stall to a potential audience measured in hundreds of millions
Customers will increasingly expect you to have a web site
Customers will increasingly expect you to have a web site that informs, educates and provides convenience

9. To provide convenience to your customers

Be “open” 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Make ordering and enquiries easy - even for someone in a different time zone
All the information they need a few clicks of the mouse away

10. Level the playing field between your business and larger competitors

A clean professional site will project your company's image in a positive way, even if you can only afford meagre accomodation.

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