Barber-Starkey Coat of Arms


This coat of arms was commissioned by the Barber-Starkey family. They wanted a digital copy of their family’s coat of arms they could reproduce and use in modern media. I was lucky enough to see the 1873, hand painted original from the College of Arms. I was able to explain the text describing the arms underneath the illustration to the family and add a bit of heraldic knowledge to their family’s ancestry.

Argent, a bend engrailed vair between six storks sable. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a stork argent, seme of estoiles azure.
Motto — "Homo proponit, Deus disponit." "Man proposes, God disposes."

A white / silver (argent) shield with a diagonal stripe (bend) with wavy edging (engrailed) with bell shapes (vair literal translation squirrel) between six black (sable) storks, three each side. Mantling is the foliage on either side and is blue (azure) and white / silver (argent)
The crest on more foliage of blue and silver stands a silver stork, scattered (seme) with blue stars (estoiles).


This was drawn in Adobe Illustrator CC.


A2 420 x 594mm so it can be reduced for reproduction.